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Temples Of Varanasi

This holy city of India is unlike any other city and is literally made up of Temples and Ghats, each its own piece of history, folk lore and story to tell. The temples are beautiful with artistry in each brick of the building and are dedicated to the various gods and goddesses of the Hindu religion. Kashi Vishwanath Temple

The Most Popular Temples in Varanasi

  1.  Durga Temple
  2.  Tilbhandeshwar Temple
  3.  Baba KeenaramSthal
  4.  The New Sri Vishwanath Temple ( also known as Birla Mandir),
  5.  In the Sri Vishwanath Temple campus, there are 8 other temples which include (Vishwanathji (Shiva Lingam), Natarajji, Mata Parvatiji, Ganesji, Mata Saraswatiji, PanchmukhiMahadev,Hanumaji and Nandiji )
  6.  TulsiManas Temple
  7.  MrityunjayMahadev Temple
  8.  Vyasa Temple at Ramnagar
  9.  Kalbhairav Temple
  10.  Bharat Mata Temple
  11.  Annapurna Temple
  12.  Sankatha Temple
  13.  Vishalakshi temple
  14. SankatMochan Temple

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