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Why To Visit Varanasi

varanasi or Benaras is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world that is still in use. Today, Varanasi is not just a tourist spot but it is also an important pilgrimage spot for Hindus. It is the religious capital of Hindus. With the holy River Ganges or Ganga running through it, the city attracts thousands of pilgrims and even more number of photo enthusiasts here.

  1. UNESCO has recognized Varanasi as the City of Music. It is a wonder place where you can find a lot happening. Life starts very early in the morning and it becomes more colorful in the evening.
  2. Street food of Varanasi will be available as early as 6:30 in the morning. There are numerous lip smacking delicacies to enjoy.
  3. Although Ganga Aarti takes place in three different places in India, the one in Varanasi attracts thousands of international tourists and locals. Shine or rain, the Ganga Aarti will be conducted every day. If you are a photo enthusiast, this is the right event for you.
  4. For architecture lovers, there are numerous temples in this city that are several centuries old. If you want to witness Hindu rituals, you can find numerous temples being more welcoming to foreign travelers of different religion too.
  5. If you love yoga, you can find many centers here. It is easy to hire a yoga master in Varanasi.
  6. There is a sea of shops to enjoy shopping here. Top things to buy are silk, woodworks, brassworks, statues, carpets, copper vessels with Ganga water and others. During festivals, the shops can be found in every inch of the city.
  7. you can always find musicians performing in this city. There are many concert halls where different instruments and vocal performances will be staged. There are numerous schools where you can learn music and instruments in Varanasi.
  8. Being one of the oldest cities, you will not be surprised to find old forts here.
  9. Varanasi is not just for Hindus. Just less than 10 km away, Sarnath is an important Buddhist pilgrim spot. It is the place where Buddha preached for the first time. There are many stupas and monuments here.
  10. Evening boat ride, sunrise boat ride and cruise on River Ganges have no match. Especially, when you are boating during Ganga Aarti.
  11. Do you know that bathing in a ghat can curse leprosy? There are numerous beliefs interlinked with the river in this city. Each ghat is famous for one super power.

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Why To Visit Varanasi

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